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Reinventing The Internal Combustion Engine

Environmental pollution created by fossil fuels shows that we definitely need alternative fuels. Electric cars have made a major leap in recent years and have begun to take their place in the market. But a research team called MayMaan took it a lot further by designing a motor that works with alcohol.

MayMaan Research Group crated an alternative fuel technology that operates traditional piston engines with a combination of 70% water and 30% ethanol (or any other alcohol). That means no gasoline or diesel required. The researc group claims that after six years of work their systems are ready to use. The fact that alcohol is biologically reproducible mean that we may have a huge source of fuel.

The website states that the system they have installed is converted into a strong and clean burning fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber, using a sub-fuel, 70% water and 30% alcohol-based ethanol. The team says that existing system designs can be easily implemented with simple changes.

Less Pollution Higher Performance

MayMaan’s fuel technology is water-based, which makes it inexpensive and available. It is also scalable for other applications, such as generators and trucks and has a very high torque rate, enabling efficient and powerful performance. The team claims that the system cuts fuel costs and emissions by half and increases its performance by 60%.

Developed in the garage of their home by an 81-year-old man and his two sons, this system can start another era in automobile industry.

But it needs some improvements before it is introduced as the most efficient and cleanest alternative fuel of the future. Considering start-ups that cannot be implemented due to impossibilities, a family that develops high-tech products in the garage of his home can inspire many other technology developers.

Article published on the Arikovani Blog, available through the link

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