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BTI Technology & Intelligence works with high standards of ethics and business conduct, designing, marketing and implementing Geospatial Intelligence solutions, repudiating any practice of bribery, or the like, in its business.

Our commitment is to remain agile and competitive, with our processes guided by the following principles:

  • Meet the requirements of customers and other interested parties;

  • Comply with labor, tax, environmental, safety and health legislation, and other regulatory requirements of the company management;

  • Fully comply with any and all legislation relevant to the practice of combating bribery within the organization;

  • Provide an independent reporting channel to record information received, ensuring that all complaints are investigated;

  • Encourage its employees, business partners and society in general to report any concerns regarding the possible practice of bribery, based on good faith, ensuring them discretion and full protection against any type of reprisal within the organization; and

  • Ensure Compliance, value Ethics and promote Anti-Bribery practices.


This is an exclusive channel so that the entire public, employees, customers, suppliers, service providers and society in general, can report securely and, if desired, anonymously, any action that violates the values of BTI Tecnologia & Intelligence.

Incidents related to inappropriate conduct or that in any way violate, or may violate, our commitment to compliance, ethics, or our anti-bribery practices, must be reported by clicking the button below (“I WANT TO MAKE AN ANONYMOUS REPORT”).

Examples of situations that can be recorded are moral harassment or inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment, corruption, conflict of interest, fraud, robbery and theft, misuse of privileged or confidential information, among others.

The information recorded on this channel will be received and processed internally by BTI Technology & Intelligence, ensuring absolute confidentiality and adequate treatment.

Send us a message and we will contact you shortly.

Thank you.

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