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BTI Solutions for Your Organization


It is possible to anticipate new threats, looking for significant changes, emerging patterns or behaviors that may indicate an imminent threat to the Amazonian environment. By modeling past events, it is possible to discover relevant data to provide structured information on what the next threat may be, supporting the work carried out by the Amazon Protection System (SIPAM), or by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment (IBAMA).


Combining command and control with Intelligence and surveillance systems, it is possible to offer solutions that connect command and operational control to effective Intelligence processing, adding value to the knowledge produced, in support of operations planning at a strategic level, in the context of the Protection System of Borders (SISFRON), or Blue Amazon Management System (SisGAAz).


Proactively identifies potential risks, so that it is possible to anticipate threats and neutralize them before they can cause any damage.
Accelerates and expands the work of analysts, providing answers to current questions and, mainly, to questions not yet elaborated, using Geointeligence (GEOINT), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Cyber Intelligence (CYBERINT), Social Network Intelligence ( WEBINT) and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Homeland Security

Support to the search for denied data, continuously finding evidence, targets, secrets and meaning in the data that investigators should be aware of, and directing what else should be sought, collaborating with the Regional Integrated Homeland Security Intelligence Centers (CIISPR) and with the Integrated Border Operations Centers (CIOF).

Space Systems

Provision of satellites for control, planning and operation by the user, high resolution satellite images, image reception ground stations, and Image Intelligence reports (IMINT), adapted to specific challenges and points of interest.

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