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Yes, we have green solutions!

Technology is not disconnected from the need for sustainable development on planet Earth. And preserving the environment is also Intelligence. Ecological Intelligence. EcoIntelligence.

That's why we also work in partnership with these two companies: MayMaan and Rustech.

Imagine for a second, but just for a second, that you're driving your car on a highway and, without realizing it, you've run out of fuel. And then you stop, get your bottle of mineral water and put it in the fuel tank. And, to get the combustion, add a little of that gin that is in your trunk. And keep traveling!

So it is. All kidding aside, it may sound crazy, but MayMaan is revolutionizing the world with an engine that runs on 70% water and 30% ethanol. You need to know this technology.

Now that you have your car with an engine that runs on water and ethanol, that car's fuel tank must suffer a lot from rust, right? The maintenance cost is expected to rise. And that's where Rustech comes in.

Rustech has developed an anti-corrosion device, which you can attach to your car, truck, yacht, ship, high-voltage tower, truss bridge, fuel ducts, metal industrial plants, whatever you want, and worry no more. with the premature wear of the metal. Magic? No, technology. Innovative, disruptive and ecological technology. Ecotechnology. You need to know!

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